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Re: Character Sheets

Post by Aaron on 4th September 2016, 16:39

Joe "Trapper" Dale  (99 Points)
Player Name:
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 175lbs
Age: 40
Hair/Beard: Grey
Eyes: Blue
ATTS: ST 10; DX 12; IQ 12 ; HT 10  
Damage 1d-2/1d;
BL 20 lbs.;
HP 11
Will 12
Per 12
FP 10
Basic Speed 5
Basic Move 5
Block -;
Dodge 8;
Parry -.

Languages: English (Spoken: Native, Written: Native)

Light Frame (DX+1, Max Enc 8xST)

Bloodlust, Weirdness Magnet

Area Knowledge (Ratwater and area)
Animal Handling (Livestock) 12
Axe/Mace 12
Blacksmith 12
Brawling  12
Carousing  12
Camouflage 12
Carpentry 11
Diagnosis 12
Electrician 11
Farming 11
First Aid/TL4-6 12
Fishing 12
Hiking 12
Knot Tying 12  
Machinist TL4-6 12
Mechanic/TL4-6(generators, backyard power systems) 12
Merchant 11
Naturalist 12
Navigation 12
Observation 12
Survival 12
Teamster 12
Tracking 12
Traps/TL 4-6 12
Small Arms


Ranger (+2 to Tracking and Survival)

FN Fal, 7.62 NATO, 3x magazines, 8.5lbs
S&W Model 10 M&P .38 spc, 18x .38spc in pouch on utility belt. 2.6lbs
Hatchet, 2lbs
Combat Leather Jacket, 7lbs
Rawhide type hat
Small backpack, 3lb
Utility belt, 2lbs
Bandolier, 2lb
Bedroll, 15lb
Canteen, 1lb
Jerky, 1lb
Lighter, neg
First Aid kit, has healing powder and assorted bandages, 5lb
Minor trapping supplies; heavy wire, snare wire, 1lb
Gun cleaning kit, 1lb
Binos, 2lbs
Compass, neg
Map of Ratwater and area, bearings to settlements they trade with
Survival Kit, 4lbs
Survival knife, 1.5lbs
Multitool .5lb

58.4lbs total

Brother to Coop and owner of the towns (Ratwater) only general store and brahmin herd. Though their father officially left control of the business to him, Joe prefers to spend his time either on the trap line, with the brahmin or hunting and leaves the day to day and finances to Coop.

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Re: Character Sheets

Post by Aaron on 4th September 2016, 16:43

Fallout RPG Brahmin Carts

The brahmin drive has two,

HP: 50, Hnd/SR: -4/6, HT:20, Move: 3/7, Lwt.: 1.1, load: 0.8, SM +2, Occ.: 1+1, DR: 4, loc.: 2d 2e 4w

One contains most of the supplies purchased for the settlement and store, mostly things like glass, hardware that can't be made at Ratwater (screws! axe heads, that sort of thing), medical supplies, enough mash for the still to run for a month plus still parts that are tricky to make, ammunition, reloading supplies, pipe, canvas, salt, traps, etc. Anything that we could reasonably assume to need. The rest is taken up by feed for the cart brahmin.

The other holds the characters effects (if you choose) as well as supplies for the drive.
-rations; jerky, canned food, lots of Blamco Mac & Cheese
-3x 2 man tents
-4x oil lanterns
-5 litres oil (this is made from animal fat)
-metal tripod
-metal pot to hang from tripod
-water rations
-enough bowls, cups etc for six
-spare ammunition
-first aid kit
-healing powder
-halazone tablets
-personal water purifier
-couple cases of Nuka Cola
-6x respirator masks, 2 filters each
-case of cigarette lighters
-salt tablets
-shovels, picks, saws, axes, suitable for clearing obstacles
-case of flares
-emergency life raft
-1x "sea kettle", HT pg57

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Re: Character Sheets

Post by mikey on 4th September 2016, 19:13

Cooper "Coop" Dale
100 CP
5'8"; 162 lbs.; 35 years old
hair/beard brown; eyes hazel
ST: 11     HP: 11
DX: 11     Will: 13
IQ: 13     Per: 13
HT: 10     FP: 10

Light Frame

Charisma (2)

Bad Back

Streetwise 14
Fast-Talk 14
Merchant 14
Small Arms (TL 4-7) 13
Teamster 12
Carousing 12
Brawling 12
Traps 12
Lockpicking 12
Animal Handling (mammal) 11
Area Knowledge (north/central Plains) 12
Area Knowledge (Ratwater vicinity) 13
Armory (small arms) 11
First Aid 12
Fishing 12
Knot-Tying 11
Machinist 11
Navigation (Land) 11
Scrounging 12
Holdout 12
Filch 10
Mechanic (Alcohol) 11
Stealth 11

brass knuckles
H&K USP Tactical, 2 extra mags
IWI Galil, 3 extra mags
leather armor Mk II
frag helmet w/ visor
respirator mask, 3 extra filters
water flask
nightvision goggles
yellow ID card
portable toolkit (armory, machinist)
gun cleaning kit
advanced lockpicks
first aid kit
fishing outfit
basic toolkit (mechanic)
sleeping bag

Younger brother of "Trapper" Dale, Coop is also somewhat of his opposite; Coop is happy to maintain the day-to-day of their dad's general store/outfitter, and even happier to leave the trapping and herding details to his brother.  He's looking forward to adding "dive bar" to the list of roles which the Dales' shop fills, continuing the legacy of his motto: "No fee too high."  When told that healthy brahmin can go for up to 1000bc per head, Coop's first thought was to wonder if that meant he could charge twice for each two-headed steer.  His greed is mitigated, however, by his loyalty to his big brother and his obvious affection for the store's alarm/night watchman/greeter - a black-mouth cur named Billy.

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Re: Character Sheets

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